Noksa is registered with association: South African Council of Planners. Registered with other bodies: South African Planning Institute (Member No 12212).

Bosoga Development and Land Use Planners, is legally registered on December 2010 (Registration number 2010/171936/23).

The company is registered as a Close Corporation and will with time convert into the legislated requirement to be a Pty (Ltd).

Noksa 23 and Land Use Planners provide services in the Land Use Planning, Spatial Planning, Project Management and building services. 

We are a consulting company providing services to various clients (Individuals, Companies, NGO, NPO, Government, etc). Our specialist ranges from a unit of projects and applications to an urban and rural development planning. We are proud to say that our experience and creativity has created a client base which we are proud to have served and still serve with our services.

Our goals and visions can be described by the four P’s:


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