Noksa is registered with association: South African Council of Planners. Registered with other bodies: South African Planning Institute (Member No 12212).

Noksa 23 Town Planners is a Multi-disciplinary Town Planning Firm which utilizes integrated system approach to inform and ensure that our services and solutions become economically sound which not compromising social and environmental activities.

Noksa 23 and Land Use Planners provide services in the Land Use Planning, Spatial Planning, Project Management and building services.  We are a consulting company providing services to various clients (Individuals, Companies, NGO, NPO, Government, etc). Our specialist ranges from a unit of projects and applications to an urban and rural development planning. We are proud to say that our experience and creativity has created a client base which we are proud to have served and still serve with our services.

Our goals and visions can be described by the four P’s:


To date we have successfully submitted and complete approximately (and counting)